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18 Sep 2023 -
Issues with spell npc's were fixed, Eroth should now be...
Issues with spell npc's were fixed, Eroth should now be able to sell spells to you
17 Jul 2023 -
Changed speed formula, monster paralyze fix
Changed speed formula, monster paralyze fix
12 Jun 2023 -
Server stability fixes were applied
Server stability fixes were applied
8 May 2023 -
Server was rebooted at 02:00 to apply some fixes
Server was rebooted at 02:00 to apply some fixes
7 May 2023 -
Shalmar's dialogues were fixed
Shalmar's dialogues were fixed
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28 Jan 2024 - Client update
New version 1.14g of client is available in download section.
It comes with some minor fixes:
- improved walking algorithm and enhanced item handling
- retro conditions
- improved light handling and stability fixes
- Auto-updater.

Posted by Xim
12 Mar 2023 - Migration completed
Server has been migrated to minimize latency so player should no longer experience lags.
Posted by Xim
22 Aug 2022 - New client

Hello Tibians.

New client with improved performance is now available.
It has improved FPS.
(frame limiter recommended).

You can download it here

Windows 7/8/10

Have fun!

Posted by Xamash
13 Apr 2015 - Experiance changes

From Level To Level Rate

Hello Tibians.

We'd like to present you new experience stages.
We decided to change Experience rate.
Now it should be a little bit easier to leave Rookgaard.
More details can be found in Information.
Hope you like it.

Best regards!

Posted by Xamash
8 Nov 2014 - Skip rookgard

Hello Tibians.

Bored of learning how to play?
You can now skip it

Only for Golden Account players.

Have fun!

Posted by Tibia
29 Aug 2014 - Hunting missions

Hello Tibians.

We introduced hunting tasks to make game more fun.
More information about our Hunting missions in Library section.
Even you can be hunter! So go to Kayla and start your task!
You can even recive few Days of Premium Account, dont wait!

Let's Hunt!

Posted by Admin
21 Aug 2014 - Hello Tibians

Xamash is a completely new server. Our main goal was to recreate the good old RPG climate of the times Tibia 7.4. We took care of all the elements characteristic of this version, such as. rope in the old style, UH Trapping and many other things. The difficulty of the game is maintained at a very high level due to the low experience multiplier points and original mana and life regeneration . An additional advantage is that there is no training monks, the inability to purchase runes in shop, etc. All items you can get in game (either directly in the form of a monster loot or buy them from other, more experienced players). Great emphasis is also laid on the accuracy of the mapping of all quests, maps, areas known to Tiba 7.4 and NPCs. You will not find here wands / rods, you will not get the functionality hotkey-s. The Party Experiance share do not even think about it :) As befits a genuine magician, magic you can become just as soon as we learn them. We have not forgotten about the important missions in the game :) Certainly, you can count on all the quests from Real Tibia, ie. Postman Quest (all missions and awards), The Djinn War Quests, Aniihilator, Banshee Quest and many others. The adventure starts on the island for beginners -Rookgard

Server Info

Port: 7171
Experience: 3x
Magic; 2x
Skill: 3x
Loot: 1x

Sorcerer: 1hp per 6sec; 1mp per 3sec (Promotion: 1hp per 6sec; 1mp per 2sec)
Druid: 1hp per 6sec; 1mp per 3sec (Promotion: 1hp per 6sec; 1mp per 2sec)
Paladin; 1hp per 4sec; 1mp per 4sec (Promotion: 1hp per 3sec; 1mp per 3sec)
Knight: 1hp per 3sec; 1mp per 6sec (Promotion: 1hp per 2sec; 1mp per 6sec)

Number of kills to red skull: 3
Number of kills to ban: 5
Frag time: 24h


Have fun :)

Posted by Tibia
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